What we do

Dean Max Tech and Support Services is an IT solution based company that specializes in installation, supplies and maintenance of the following

Solar Inverters

We provide solar inverter installations that gives 24hours of uninterrupted electricity both in small scale and large scale.
With our high quality equipments including monocrystaline and polycrystalline solar panels, MPPT charge controllers, cables, Inverters and deep cycle batteries.
Our solar inverter installations covers high power loads like Air Conditioners, refrigerators, electrical irons, microwave etc.

Access Control

The ability to keep your offices, homes, schools, hotels etc safe in terms of entry and exit has now been made easy with our highly sophisticated access control devices.
You can control the access to any building using our access control devices. This devices provide three access to the building namely:

  • fingerprint


  • card


  • pin code

    Pin Code

CCTV Systems

Our CCTV installations come with remote view( which is the ability to view installed cameras on laptop, android, iOS and other devices in any location outside the installation site be it offices, homes, hotels, schools, etc) provided there is internet connectivity.
We have in stock High Definition (HD) cameras both analogue and digital (Internet Protocol) IP types as well as HVR, NVR and DVR in 4 channels, 8 channels, 16 channels, 32 channels, 64 channels etc.


Our intercom systems allow you to communicate with people in different locations in the same building as outside the building.
We have our intercom systems installed in residential buildings, offices, hotels, factories, schools etc.
With the help of our intercom systems communications is made easy within the building thereby reducing stress.
Our intercom systems comes in both wired and wireless systems type.

Fire Alarms

Our fire alarm systems has save a lot of life and prevented fire outbreak in offices, houses and institutions where we have them installed.
Our fire alarm system also dial(call) phone numbers installed on it to notify when there is fire outbreak or call a fire station immediately there is any form of smoke in the installed areas. This helps to prevent fire outbreak with immediate effect.

Electrical Installations

We do a wide range of electrical installations and repair both in small and large scale. We have on ground well trained Electrical Engineers to handle any form of installations/repairs as the case might be. We install/repair both conduit and surface. Our market still remains schools, residential, hotels, hospital, offices etc.

Electronics Project

We do electronics projects in small and large scale. Both commercial and private. Our market includes higher institutions(final year projects), government projects( traffic lights) etc. we deliver all electronics project with speed and accuracy thereby meeting the requirements of our clients.

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